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Do you know somebody who'd be an excellent fit for

We'd love to know about them! All of our open roles can be found here.

We currently offer a £10,000 referral bonus if you refer someone to one of our open roles who we end up hiring, regardless of whether you work for us, or not.

Talent Referral Scheme FAQs ℹ️

Q. What counts as a successful referral?

➡️ A. A full time employee that passes their probationary period (3 months) with

Q. Who can refer talent to

➡️ A. Anyone! Yes anyone is allowed to participate with our referral bonus initiative. However, only individuals are eligible to help talent efforts, this therefore excludes recruitment agencies.

Q. How well do I need to know the person to refer them?

➡️ A. It’s essential it’s a warm referral, someone that knows you are introducing them to the Talent team. Therefore, this could be somebody you work or have previously worked with, is a friend or family member, someone you’ve met through a community/network group etc. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to your referral!

Q. How do I refer?

➡️ A. Please email [email protected] and cc the individual you’d like to refer, along with a short description as to why you think they’d be a good fit for the position and

Q. What if an open job doesn’t suit my referral or I’m not sure which role would be most suitable?

➡️ A. Our positions are updated weekly, so just keep an eye on our careers page.